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Welcome To The Disc Dog Training Web Site!

When we added our first dog to our family, we had no idea what impact she would have on our lives. She was very high-energy, and we weren't sure how to handle her. We tried taking her to local obedience classes, but the instructor's techniques weren't effective. We needed something else. We purchased a floppy flyer at a local pet store. The first time we threw it, she caught it out of the air! No prior training, she was a natural. We finally found the outlet we needed to channel her energy. We continued to play backyard frisbee almost daily for about 3 years, and we had a blast.

We started searching for other canine activities, by going to various pet-related expos and demonstrations. At an event in 2006, we visited the booth of a small disc-dog club. We talked with them and discovered that frisbee/disc dog was actually an organized sport, with various events throughout the world. We attend our first disc-dog event in 2006, and came home with a 2nd Place Ribbon in Distance/Accuracy (Toss/Fetch). Since that time, we've added 3 more dogs to our family, and have won over 400 awards in the disc-dog sport. All 4 dogs are Skyhoundz World Finalists and 2 are USDDN National/World Finalists.

In 2010, we started to offer the training that was missing from the sport, as a way to help others experience the joys of playing frisbee/disc with a canine companion. Before you take that "crazy" dog to a shelter, join us to find a great alternative to the sometimes destructive behavior high-energy dogs can exhibit. Every dog needs a job!

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